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What our customers say about Mobisynapse:
Livia Mich Aug 27, 2013
Really great app and good customer service too
Brad Tamplin, Jr. Aug 11, 2013
Best PDA ever! I'm a 2 year user & couldn't be happier! The product delivers on its claim to sync easily w/ Outlook. I take my Android phone everywhere I go, and my personal data is always right at my fingertips when I need it. Kudos to Mobisynapse for getting it right!
Miracle Aug 17, 2013
I tried over 10 different kind of similar app for Outlook synching, this is the best so far. The Outlook synching works reliably, which is very important for me. I am used to BB synching, this app is the closest I can find to BB synching software. Highly recommended! New update for Category Color Very Good.
Bassline Rushin Aug 22, 2013
top class love it
Thais Hernandez Jul 14, 2013
Excellent app!! Finally took care of the sync problem with Outlook calendar. No brainer at this price. And after months of trying to do it otherwise and one step away from ditching the phone entirely. So glad I found it. Thanks a million!
Judy Brunk Jun 28, 2013
Love this app. I got a new computer and was able to sync my contacts, calendar, notes and tasks with Outlook saving much time and effort. I had a problem getting it to work, but not the fault of the program. Customer Service got me fixed up in no time. This is just the app I was looking for.
Werner Lombaard Jun 24, 2013
Great app sync good
Jerry Zhou Jun 23, 2013
good product It does all fuctions I need such as synchronize with outlook calender and contact. Can transfer large files such as movie easily. And it is cheaper than others.
Peter W Jun 5, 2013
moffice Outlook Sync Fantastic application and great support. Having data alignment has never been simpler - thanks Charly & team!
Frank G. Cabello May 27, 2013
My Day Organized! This app helps me keep track of my Outlook tasks and appointments on my Samsung Galaxy Note and works with no issues! Best part is syncing wirelessly over wifi! Great app!! I highly recommend this app! Thank you.
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