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    Calendar appearances

    I'm thrilled to finally be able to easily sync my smartphone with Outlook! 
    But could you add a couple features to the way the calendar looks?  These are features currently found in Outlook.
    1.  For events that span two or more days, please put that information in a bar that crosses the days rather than repeating the same information each day (see Outlook's month view).
    2.  Show category background colors.
    3.  Provide an alternate week view, like the printed version of Outlook's week view.  This is simply seven daily blocks in which only scheduled calendar items appear...this is useful for people whose schedules are not jammed hour by hour, but who still need to know what's going on!
    Thanks very much!
    by katherine.t.slaughter   Aug 28, 2012
  • Thanks for your suggestion, we really appreciate it.
    For #2 and #3, we already released on V3.3.15 and V3.3.17. 
    Here is how to setting: 
    Open your mOffice, click "Calendar", click "Menu" -- "More" -- "Settings", and then click "Color" and "Weekly Views”.

    2012-09-04 03:02:14

  • katherine.t.slaughter
    OMG!  Thank you for the event week view!  And the colors!  
    I'm not sure how I missed that you made these changes, but thanks for doing it!

    2012-09-04 12:23:43

  • katherine.t.slaughter
    Quick request...in the event list Week View, untimed (all day) events show up as starting at 12:00 am.  Is it possible to show these items without a time assigned to it?  Thanks again!

    2012-09-04 12:56:47

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