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    Have desktop client monitor for Outlook events and initiate a sync when Outlook updates are detected

    With my previous Windows phone and Microsoft ActivSync, ActivSync apparently monotored for Outlook events like contact changes, calendar changes, etc.  When a change was detected, ActiveSync would automatically initiate a sync, if the phone was connected.  Similar functionality with the Mobisynapse desktop client would be great!
    by dm9991966   Jun 23, 2012
  • martyelp
    Sync seems to be very very slow (5+ plus).  ActivSync just kept everything updated very quickly (seconds).

    2012-08-25 10:33:58

  • grove.dave
    Please please please introduce a client monitor for Outlook that initiates a sync every time something in Outlook changes.  ActivSync did this seamlessly way back in 2003

    2012-09-12 21:31:03

  • Great idea!!

    2013-02-14 22:22:22

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