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    Add an option to repeat the notification sound periodically until dismissed

    Many times I don't have my phone in my hand when a reminder goes off.  It would be nice to have the option to have the product repeat the notification sound periodically until manually dismissed.  I would suggest a checkbox to enable the feature, and the ability to set the number of seconds or minutes between replaying the notification sound.
    by dm9991966   Jun 19, 2012
  • dm9991966
    If this idea is accepted, I'd suggest an interface similar to Claendar Snooze in addition to repeating notification alerts.  This app allows you to configure your own snooze settings, and I found the "snooze until X mins before" a VERY helpful feature on my previous (WinOS) phone.  Also, and option to play a reminder at the start of an appt, regardless of the snooze settings would also be nice.  Lastly, an option to fire reminders for all-day events at a particular time would be GREAT.  One complaint I had with my WinOS phone was that all-day event reminders always fired at midnight :-(

    2012-06-20 05:13:26

  • I know!  That happened to me all the time too, that my reminders would make a noise at midnight!
    I like your idea of having a user-defined reminder time, and also to be able to set how often it reminded you until dismissed would be great.

    2012-10-04 21:59:49

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