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    Bluetooth connection support

    Support Bluetooth connection between the PC and Android device
    by admin   Jun 15, 2011
  • Bailey944
    I would also appreciate bluetooth connection support. My office does not allow personal mobile phones on the wifi network and I can't get a cell signal.

    2011-08-02 14:03:36

  • Theis
    You have a buyer here too if it can support bluetooth

    2011-10-05 04:51:02

  • kabni
    I just buy because USB works in debugging mode, but bluetooth connection support are appreciated.

    2012-04-09 05:40:03

  • Luis Antonio Gama
    One thing i realy miss is the syncronization via Bluetooth, with my older nokia phone i used the Nokia pc suite sw to sync, then i only turn on the bluetooh and the syncronization starts automatically. Hope you can add this feature.

    2012-07-09 06:35:59

  • grove.dave
    I would buy if you had bluetooth support. I used it for my previous Nokia phone; it saves plugging and unplugging all the time

    2012-07-10 21:58:32

  • jeffersonbg1010
    This would be great as I have never got the app. to sync over wifi.

    2012-09-19 15:21:38

  • It sounds like a dream come true for it to connect automatically just by being near your computer, and syncing without having to set it up each time.  However, you'd have to have the Bluetooth pairing be set up to connect whenever near, and if you use Bluetooth for any other things with that device, like a headset, for example, it may not switch its connection to the PC automatically.  Still, it'd be nice!

    2013-02-08 13:16:24

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