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    Sync Email from Outlook

    I would like to be able to sync all my emails from outlook to my Phone.
    This is a feature i miss that I had on my Windows Phone.
    by West Lake Pools   Feb 06, 2012
  • Brian Nobles
    Me too!  That would be a great feature to add.  Any plans to do include this feature?

    2012-05-29 16:27:36

  • johnwagner555
    Count me in! Didn't look before I leaped and thought this was part of package. Very happy with what your product can do, but since it can sync with Outlook, why not include email feature?

    2012-08-18 05:25:34

  • I also thought this was part of the package. Very misleading.

    2012-11-10 06:12:26

  • gdbouwman
    it's not misleading.  The documentation says that email is not included.  I bought it anyway because it does the other stuff really well.  Having said that, I would like the option to sync email with outlook, possibly the default folders as a first step (inbox, sent, deleted, draft).

    2012-11-14 15:47:34

  • frcasimir1
    yes, I'd also like the program to sync with Microsoft Outlook e-mail. Please do it!

    2013-07-31 15:37:31

  • Hello Everyone,
    Thank you for the feedback, it is moved to the consideration list.

    2013-08-02 11:26:17

  • shabbat7
    i need outlook email and android phone sync.  i read an email on one and it gets read on the other device.  if i delete on my laptop outlook i wanted it deleted on my phone.  that seems like this program should have started with that.  i will not buy unless i can do email syncing

    2013-09-10 20:00:18

  • lanaobrist
    Frustrated keep trying to get help all they are allowing is to write a ticket, they respond with answer that does not apply to question and then they mark ticket as solved.  Nothing is getting solved --can not sync calendar and need help. This was a waste of money!

    2013-09-21 11:54:09

  • altlandr
    same here!! lanaobrist is right where I am, just purchased and also thought the e-mail sync was part of package...isn't that the main issue with Outlook???  Moved from Blackberry to LG Optimus G pro and frustrated with lack of support all around for phone and software!!

    2013-09-29 15:48:16

  • I bought it for the calendar synch with Outlook, I am def. pleased with the result and the fact that it will also synch with the native android calendar as well as the m-office one.  However, if it could synch Outlook emails in the future this would be ideal!!  So count me in

    2014-09-09 02:47:38

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