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    Outlook categories broken after 2-way notes sync, following latest build upgrade

    Hi,  I'd gotten a response to a prior email with suggestions I'd like to see implemented.  The response to my problem with DHCP IP addresses being changed by my internet provider & interfering with the wireless connection to Mobisynapse, was to upgrade to the newest software version.  I did that, and my sync went faster than ever before.  However, now when I look in Outlook to see if everything synced right, the categories are broken.  My notes are still arranged in the Notes view by categories, but the colors I'd assigned to the categories, that used to show up on the side, are all whited out.  And if I right-click on a note & select Categorize, I just see Blue category, Green category, etc.  The names that they had (Travel, Medical, Work-Related, etc), are all missing.  And there are only 6 colors displayed.  If I click on More Categories, there are still only those 6, without the names I'd given them.  I think I'm going to try my Windows Vista System Restore to get back my Categories.  Because now if I create a new note in outlook, I can't select one of my current categories displayed in the View mode I use, sorted by Categories.  Thank you so much for continuing to improve your product.  Let everyone know if you have a fix for this, please.
    by pbz   Feb 03, 2012
  • MarkML
    If I understand, you are missing your own categories in Outlook, correct?  I have this same problem periodically. I am not using Mobisynapse yet, but am investigating Outlook synch options before upgrading my old Windows Mobile based Palm Treo.  At any rate, I am using Vista and Office 2007.  Occastionally, my assigned category colors do not show on appointments or notes. When I check the appointments and notes, the custom category name is still there, but when I look at the category menu, the custom category names are not there.  Scared me the first time this occurred.  For me, it is not permanent. I close and reopen Outlook and they are back, or worst case, I reboot and categories are back.  Bottom line, I don't believe this occurrence is related to the Mobisynapse software.  Did your problem resolve itself?

    2012-02-21 12:57:46

  • Yes, but I don't know if it would have if I'd not done System Restore in Vista.  Too bad I didn't know that it happened to other people who hadn't just synced with the newest update.
    Anyway, I can sync now, and no problem with my categories or labels, so probably you are right that it's not related to Mobisynapse's upgrade.  It was merely coincidental that it manifested right after the upgrade.  Maybe that triggered it, but maybe it would have reverted on its own like it did with your experiences.  Thanks for the interesting comment!  I encourage you to try Mobisynapse!  It is wonderful, and they really seem to listen and put out updates to improve based on peoples' suggestions! And it works great with WiFi, allowing you to use your device at the same time, even.  I finally get my notes synced from Outlook, too.

    2012-03-10 15:54:52

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