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    mOffice signon

    by rmb3443 Mar 09, 2017
    I cannot reset my password in mOffice. Have tried numerous emails.  Is there any customer support out there?  How do I get a refund on my upgrade? Worst customer assistance ever!
    0 comments | by rmb3443
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    activate key

    by studiomiragehair Feb 06, 2017
    how about re-activating my key that I was charged for 5 days ago so I can use the product
    0 comments | by studiomiragehair
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    Ordering Tasks

    by Beth Dec 12, 2016
    Outlook allows tasks to be dragged up and down in the day to sort which you do first- some days I just know I can't get through the whole list so I need to focus on top priorities.  
    If I sort them on the PC, unfortunately when synced the tasks don't appear on the mobile device in the same order.
    0 comments | by Beth
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    user portal more user friendly

    by rfunk Jul 20, 2016
    I should be able to manage my licenses from the user portal. my computer crashed and i had to rebuild it. I cannot install the software because the user portal shows the prior installation. I would like to go into the portal and transfer the license to my new installation.
    0 comments | by rfunk
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    Button "Today"

    by takfuji2 Jul 15, 2016
    In the mobile app of mOffice:
    Need the button to jump to "today".
    Also, the cell of "Today" must be highlighted somehow.
    0 comments | by takfuji2
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    Activation count issue - add reset/delete button on the web page

    by gdbouwman Oct 13, 2015
    Add a reset or delete button by each PC on the activation list.  I have changed PCs multiple times over the years and there are PCs in the list I no longer have.  This option addresses the fact that people change their workstations on a regular frequency.
    1 comments | by rfunk
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    office 2016

    by Cock Grandia Sep 23, 2015
    Office 2016 does not work! Assignment is to first install Outlook. Insists. But the new version does not work
    0 comments | by Cock Grandia
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    Export of contacts does not work

    by helalmasr Jul 09, 2014
    Export of contacts does not work. It only exports one vCard file not all the contacts. Is there a fix for this bug?
    0 comments | by helalmasr
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    by m2miller36 Apr 26, 2014
     Currently, there is a setting when the data merge is in conflict
    during synching. The user can choose either Outlook
    data or the data on the Android device to be used in this
    I would like to see Mobisynapse  modify this setting to include the option to have the app ask the user which data is preferred each time there is a conflict during syncing.  This would ensure greater accuracy of syncing.
    0 comments | by m2miller36
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    Show calendar grid when entering tasks

    by martin.selch Feb 25, 2014
    When entering the date and time for a new task or task reminder, I am shown Day/Month/Year wheels to select the date. But if I know I want to enter a task for next Tuesday, unless I have a separate calendar grid in front of me, I don't know what DATE next Tuesday is. If you simply showed a calendar grid, I could pick it off. Thanks!
    0 comments | by martin.selch