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  • 21

    Sync Email from Outlook

    by West Lake Pools Feb 06, 2012
    I would like to be able to sync all my emails from outlook to my Phone.
    This is a feature i miss that I had on my Windows Phone.
    10 comments | by JOC
  • 20

    cloud sync

    by admin Sep 14, 2011
    sync app, calendar, task, note, contact data between PC, Android and Cloud
    5 comments | by chrisdey
  • 15

    Bluetooth connection support

    by admin Jun 15, 2011
    Support Bluetooth connection between the PC and Android device
    7 comments | by pbz
  • 14

    Calendar appearances

    by katherine.t.slaughter Aug 28, 2012
    I'm thrilled to finally be able to easily sync my smartphone with Outlook! 
    But could you add a couple features to the way the calendar looks?  These are features currently found in Outlook.
    1.  For events that span two or more days, please put that information in a bar that crosses the days rather than repeating the same information each day (see Outlook's month view).
    2.  Show category background colors.
    3.  Provide an alternate week view, like the printed version of Outlook's week view.  This is simply seven daily blocks in which only scheduled calendar items appear...this is useful for people whose schedules are not jammed hour by hour, but who still need to know what's going on!
    Thanks very much!
    3 comments | by katherine.t.slaughter
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    Have desktop client monitor for Outlook events and initiate a sync when Outlook updates are detected

    by dm9991966 Jun 23, 2012
    With my previous Windows phone and Microsoft ActivSync, ActivSync apparently monotored for Outlook events like contact changes, calendar changes, etc.  When a change was detected, ActiveSync would automatically initiate a sync, if the phone was connected.  Similar functionality with the Mobisynapse desktop client would be great!
    3 comments | by pbz
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    Outlook categories broken after 2-way notes sync, following latest build upgrade

    by pbz Feb 03, 2012
    Hi,  I'd gotten a response to a prior email with suggestions I'd like to see implemented.  The response to my problem with DHCP IP addresses being changed by my internet provider & interfering with the wireless connection to Mobisynapse, was to upgrade to the newest software version.  I did that, and my sync went faster than ever before.  However, now when I look in Outlook to see if everything synced right, the categories are broken.  My notes are still arranged in the Notes view by categories, but the colors I'd assigned to the categories, that used to show up on the side, are all whited out.  And if I right-click on a note & select Categorize, I just see Blue category, Green category, etc.  The names that they had (Travel, Medical, Work-Related, etc), are all missing.  And there are only 6 colors displayed.  If I click on More Categories, there are still only those 6, without the names I'd given them.  I think I'm going to try my Windows Vista System Restore to get back my Categories.  Because now if I create a new note in outlook, I can't select one of my current categories displayed in the View mode I use, sorted by Categories.  Thank you so much for continuing to improve your product.  Let everyone know if you have a fix for this, please.
    2 comments | by pbz
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    Start Mobisynapse when the phone is connected via USB or Blue Tooth.

    by DaleS Mar 24, 2012
    To better support automatic synching, it would be nice if the desktop Mobisynapse app would start up on the Windows OSS automatically and perform pre-defined actions (i.e. synch all Outlook data).  Similarly with a Blue Tooth connection.  For Blue Tooth, this would allow the phone to synch every time I walk into my office.
    1 comments | by admin
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    Snyc attachments with Tasks

    by massdental Oct 15, 2012
    Include attachments with Outlook Tasks.
    0 comments | by massdental
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    Outlook contacts sync well, except missing notes in Notes box of contact.

    by pbz Mar 05, 2012
    It would be great if you could map the notes box content to a notes box in your Contacts info, like they have in Outlook.  From what I see when I google the problem of missing the notes from Outlook contact data synced to phones or to google contacts, a lot of people would really like that feature.  It could help you market your software.
    2 comments | by gdbouwman
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    Add an option to repeat the notification sound periodically until dismissed

    by dm9991966 Jun 19, 2012
    Many times I don't have my phone in my hand when a reminder goes off.  It would be nice to have the option to have the product repeat the notification sound periodically until manually dismissed.  I would suggest a checkbox to enable the feature, and the ability to set the number of seconds or minutes between replaying the notification sound.
    2 comments | by pbz