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How to backup Android phone to PC with Mobisynapse

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Mobisynapse, Android Outlook sync and Android desktop manager is an Android Outlook sync PC software and a PC manager software for Android that manages Android apps, contacts, videos, music, phone record, SMS, files between Android phone and the PC. Mobisynapse is iTunes for Android.

Here is how to backup Android phone data to the PC:

  1. Go to our web site: , register your account, and download Mobisynapse for FREE
  2. Plug your Android phone with your PC using usb cable.   Open Mobisynapse, on the home screen, Mobisynapse will locate your Android phone if the Android phone connects to PC properly.  If the Android phone isn't connected properly, please check out Mobisynapse FAQ for the solutions.
  3. On Mobisynapse home screen, click "Backup" button in the middle of screen, it will bring to the backup screen.  On the backup screen, it will allow the user to choose backup options.  Currently, Mobisynapse will backup "Applications", "Contact" and "SMS" data from the Android phone to the PC.
  4. After select backup data option, Mobisynapse will allow the user to choose where to store the backup file on the PC.  Then click "Backup" to backup the selected data from the Android phone to your PC

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Mobisynapse – Android desktop manager is released

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Mobisynapse, Android Outlook sync and Android desktop manager beta v1.0 is released today!

Innovation Technology, Inc. is a small tech startup that develops cool mobile software. Mobisynapse was created as a lab project to solve a problem we Android users experience: The lack of a quality desktop manager for Android. When geeks like us see a problem, we roll up our sleeves and start writing code! Through a little hard work (and a LOT of fun), Mobisynapse was born. Now we want to share Mobisynapse with all Android users like us who are asking: “Where can I find a good desktop manager for Android?”

At Innovation Technology, we don’t wear suits to impress; we develop great software. We’re real people that are working hard and having fun. People ask us why we do what we do. The answer is: Because we love it! Our goal is to create software that is fun, easy to use, and satisfying in every way. We think software should cater to the user, not the other way around. It should be user-friendly, intelligent, and work perfectly every time.

Here are the main features of Mobisynapse.

Here are the screen shots of Mobisynapse.

We will continue to improve Mobisynapse and try our best to make it better.  We'd love to hear any feedback and feature suggestions. We appreciate your participation.

–Peng Zhao

Founder & CEO

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