How to transfer files between Android phone and PC with Mobisynapse

Mobisynapse, Android Outlook sync and Android desktop manager is an Android Outlook sync PC software and PC manager for Android that manages Android apps, contacts, videos, music, phone record, SMS, files between Android phone and the PC. 

Here is how to transfer the files between Android phone and the PC:

  1. Go to: Mobisynapse , register your account, and download Mobisynapse for FREE
  2. Plug your Android phone with your PC using usb cable.   Open Mobisynapse, on the home screen, Mobisynapse will locate your Android phone if the Android phone connects to PC properly.  If the Android phone isn't connected properly, please check out Mobisynapse FAQ for the solutions.
  3. Click on "Files" icon on navigation bar on Mobisynapse program screen.  It will display Mobisynapse file transfer screen.  On the left side, it will list the directories and files on the PC.  On the right side, it will list the directories and files on SD card on the Android phone.
  4. To transfer the files between the Android phone and the PC, the user can navigate to the files to be transferred, then click on the "Upload" (right arrow icon) or "Download"(left arrow icon) in the middle of Mobisynapse file transfer screen.
  5. On Mobisynapse "Files" screen, it also allows the users with following operations:  "Rename files", "Create new directory", "Refresh", "Delete files" etc.

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